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SEO expert: Kris Gomula | web positioning

If you are looking for a professional to get your website to the tops in the search engines, you are in the right place. My name is Kris Gomula and I have been working with SEO web positioning since 2008 in various agencies. I am Polish who also speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Besides being passionate about search engine optimization I am crazy about the online marketing and publicity. Through this page I will expose all my work related to SEO.

Why hiring a SEO expert?

You should know that your online business needs SEO to:

  • be more visible
  • improve website performance
  • increase sales in your eCommerce
  • boost “leads”
  • get more traffic and customers

Basically, SEO should be considered as a long-term investment from which you can benefit. Therefore, I advice you to perform a solid research and check many factors before hiring a “real” expert in SEO. A suitable person, who is capable of carrying out this great task – the promotional web campaign of your website in Google. Maybe I could help you achieve your goals!

Define your needs

First of all, it is very important to know exactly what you want to achieve from your campaign within a certain period of time, as the promotional approach to every website is different. Large companies tend to have their promotional budget established and often hire large digital agencies, while the small ones often think about hiring a single SEO specialist.

There is no need to dispose a big budget in order to be visible in Google! Maybe what your website needs to reach the first page of search engines is a bit of “SEO on site“/”SEO off site” and decent quality links?

How do I work as a SEO Specialist?

To start, it is necessary to analyze the structure of the website: I check how the pages are linked, what content they have, the age of the domain, the competition of the market niche. After analyzing all the factors, I introduce the individual strategies for each customer: Actions that allow the website that I am in charge achieve top position in Google. My work covers all areas of SEO: from competition research, optimization “on page”, content analysis, to the process of “link building“.

The promotion of a website is just as important as its development assuming that your goal is to reach a certain target market. Working with me is a guarantee of achieving top positions in Google and other search engines. Get in touch with me now! Click here.

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